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Kitchen Sink Cooking

I love to cook. I mean, LOVE. Which is a big surprise to all of us. In fact, my hubby says its the biggest surprise of our relationship. When we met, I either ordered out or went out to eat or ate cereal for dinner. But after 10 years together, I must say I have gotten pretty good. My husband is a nice Midwestern boy, and he likes his meat n’ potatoes. I have eased up on the outwardly funky food and concentrated on perfecting and then tweaking “normal food.” I have had moderate to substantial success with this. And my two-year-olds are awesome eaters. They are not really picky, so far. And they like hummus, tofu, spicy things…and I think that’s great. They even eat some veggies with happiness. But as soon as I learned about how to purée vegetables and sneak them into food without your kids (or husband with high cholesterol) knowing it, that’s when I started Kitchen Sink Cooking. As in, “Everything but the…” Sometimes I follow a nice recipe. But sometimes I just throw a bunch of crap together and hope for the best.

Right now, at this very moment, I am making meatballs. Kitchen sink meatballs. This is what’s in them (oh, sorry, I don’t measure with kitchen sink cooking):

Ground turkey (2-3 lbs to make a great big batch)
Cilantro from my garden
1 packet of onion soup mix
1 little packet of Goya Sazon
Sea Salt
Bread crumbs
Like half a bag of frozen cauliflower which I cooked and then puréed

I should have probably added an egg, but I want to save all my eggs to make deviled eggs for my Bible study tomorrow night (I like irony) and I figured the puréed cauliflower was moist enough. Other healthy things that you can purée and add to other things to sneak into your family’s food are sweet potatoes, broccoli, and carrots.

I put some fresh garlic and some olive oil in a cast iron skillet (actually one big one and one little one) and browned the meatballs a little. Then I baked them in the oven at 350 for…a while. Ovens are all different. I don’t know how your oven works. They are actually in there right now…I’m guessing at least a half hour of baking.

When they are cooked through I am going to serve them with some buffalo ranch dipping sauce and some pasta salad. YUM.

I will let you know how it goes. When you cook like this, it either turns out really amazing or looking like the below ugly recipe card from the 70’s. You astute observers will notice that this particular ugly recipe card from the 70’s is signed by Amy Sedaris. Yep. I love her. She is my spirit animal. I met her and she was awesome. Yay. And I bet she does her share of Kitchen Sink Cooking.



(Please ignore my dirty oven)


Edit: it’s done! And it’s delicious!!!


Another edit: the kids love it!