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By the time I got to Woodstock

I really have Woodstock on the brain. The town, not the festival. I like the festival, too, but not as much as I like the town. I first went up there a few days before Christmas in 1997 and I’ve been there many times since. I’ve seen every season and met lots of people. I’ve stayed lots of places (my favorite being the Village Green B&B, right on the Village Green. I used to like to crawl out the window onto the roof and people watch) and I’ve bought lots of things and taken lots of pictures. Below are some favorites. Some of the pics may be repeats from other blog posts, and some are sights from around town…but oh well.

I have the negatives of a roll of b/w film from my first trip up there. I must get it developed and uploaded so I can tell you the story and show the pic of how I bumped into Michael Lang on Tinker Street about 1/2 hour after deciding on a whim to go to the festival site for the first time. Crazy, right? But Woodstock is just that kinda place.




































Language is a Virus

So. I wouldn’t say that what I’ve got is writers block per se…I think that should probably only be attributed to a serious writer working on a novel or short stories. But I have NO CLUE what to write about lately. So I guess all I can do is write about not knowing what to write about. And that sounds really exciting, doesn’t it?

If you like to write and this ever happens to you, there is a wonderful little site called Language is a Virus. This concept comes from William S. Burroughs. There are all kinds of fun exercises that you may like, regardless if you are a “writer” or not.
I like the creative writing games a lot. They have a electronic poetry thing that I really liked to do a few years back. You could pick a writer you liked and they would give you a bunch of words that the writer might have likely used and you could make a poem with them. I used to do this at work when I got bored. Which was a lot. They have added a whole bunch of new writers since then. Including Morrissey! What!!! I gotta do that one ASAP.

Speaking of being a “writer” or not, I have had this amazing (at least I think so) idea for a novel. Obviously I am not going to tell you what it is, but the first half of it needs to be handwritten, and the second half in print. I don’t even know if that is a plausible concept, mass-production-wise. (Don’t you love how I have already jumped ahead to the mass production of this novel that I haven’t written one single word of?) I think it’s a cool idea, though. I need to research how to pitch a book deal. Even though nobody reads real books anymore. So maybe my idea IS more plausible in this new e-reader world. Maybe THAT’S why I’ve never started it seriously before! It just wasn’t time? Hmmmm. Maybe now is the time to get off my bum and do this.

One thing I will say about this idea i have for a novel is that it is not really “fictiony.” Because I am one of those weirdos that doesn’t love fiction. I like biographies, autobiographies, factual accounts of whatever. I do like some fiction, but I don’t seek it out. I’m not usually drawn to it unless it’s really trippy and crazy and absurd. So this idea has a very real element, like you are privy to something that you shouldn’t be. But in a sweet way, not in an icky, Peeping Tom kind if way. But I have already said too much.

Below is some of the electronic poetry I did many moons ago. The first one is Kerouac, and the second one is Ginsberg. Man. I love those guys. Deeply. Kerouac is the King of Stream of Consciousness Writing and I love to read him. I want to go to Lowell, MA and visit his grave. Allen Ginsberg is also outstanding and he was just so important to so much about popular culture in the 50’s and 60’s. He stayed totally relevant until he passed away. Love him. It’s fun to take their “types of words” and mix them together and pretend I have an ounce of their vision and talent.